Do Smartphones make Dumb People?

August 12, 2015 5:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This is a loaded question… wait a second while I ask siri. Siri doesn’t seem to understand the question and wants to search the web. While Siri searches the web I’m gonna use my brain. I think this is at the crux of the issue. When most people are stumped they turn to their smartphone before they even use their own intuition. Sometimes this can help people to educate themselves but most of the time it’s there for a second and then it’s gone, it doesn’t stick around for any length of time. People aren’t committing it to long term memory because they don’t have to, their phone is always with them.

Let’s start by going back to the days when Telephones where those things attached to your kitchen wall with a really long cord so you could sit in the living room and have a conversation. I can still remember my best friends phone number from elementary school to this day. Ask me to give you five phone numbers in my contacts of my iPhone today and I probably couldn’t do it. The point is I rely on my phone for almost EVERYTHING. Back in the days of corded phones you had to memorize phone numbers now all you need to know is your passcode to get into your smartphone.

off-and-on-bulbI’m a believer that the harder it is to find an answer the more it will stick with you. Let’s stick around to pre-smartphone era, let’s even go a little further and say pre-internet. And you’d like to know who invented the light bulb, assuming you don’t know. So you get on your bike, ride down to the library, sort through the card catalog and find the row and section of the book your looking for and bam you find it. Thomas Edison. You better believe you will remember that name for the rest of your life. You had to take your whole Saturday afternoon to find out who created the lightbulb. You also might discover some other really cool things about Thomas Edison and electricity. Flash forward to present day. You’re sitting on your couch and you wonder who invented the light bulb. You might simply say “Hey Siri, who invented the light bulb” and there you have it. You didn’t have to get up, ride your bike, sort through a card catalog, find the row and shelf of the book and use the glossary. You simply found out without trying. You probably won’t retain the answer this way cause next time you wonder you will just ask siri or Cortana or google.

I’m not saying that technology is bad or that the Internet is evil. I’m just saying we as the Human race need to be careful about how we educate ourselves and how lazy we have become. I think the Internet is a wonderful thing and that it can be extremely powerful. It just depends on what side of technology you’re on. Are you creating new technologies or are you just absorbing the consumerism and mindlessly searching for your answers?

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