iOS 8.4 ruined the way I use my iPhone

July 29, 2015 2:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

iPhone that can't take picturesNothing like when my kids are doing something really cute and I want to take a quick video or photo and can’t because my phone is full. Or recently I was on a ferry ride with my family and we saw dolphins, a lot of dolphins and what was I doing? Deleting the few pictures I had on my phone so I could try to get one of the dolphins. Nope, it didn’t happen. By the time I cleared my photos it was too late, the dolphins were gone. This wasn’t an issue for me until I updated to iOS 8.4.

I should tell you I have a 16GB iPhone, so this may not be an issue for those of you that have the 32GB or even the 64GB iPhone. But for those of us that thought 16GB was plenty of space, think again. I was really excited to update to iOS 8.4 for the new Apple Music service, but I regret it now. The service isn’t all that great and it’s on the pricey side once the trial expires.

Here’s a breakdown of my phone storage space. My 16GB iPhone, which in reality is really only a 12.6GB phone (not sure how they get away with that) is completely full. I’ve removed all apps I don’t use that often, most all of my photos. Turned off Photo Sharing and deleted all my music. After adding up all the storage space that I’m currently using (non-native apps) I’m only using 1.6GB of storage space. This means that the OS is using the rest of the storage space on my phone that’s 11GB!!! What!? This seems crazy. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue? Hopefully iOS9 will be a slimmer OS. Thanks for reading my rant. Stay tuned for more.

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