Jonah Holding His Art

About Jonah

Jonah was born on a warm day in August of 2013. He has always shown an appreciation for music and art. He has always enjoyed drawing and coloring since the day he could hold a crayon.

We (his parents) have created this website to spread ‘The World Through a Child’s Eyes’. His purity in thinking and unobstructed combinations of colors really comes through in his art. He has no preconceived notions on composition or how art should look. He is simply expressing lovely feelings and emotions that the average, or not so average two year old experiences.

The profit from his work for sale is deposited into a savings account for him intended to further his education when he is of age. You can feel good knowing that your purchase went into enriching this young child’s future while promoting the purest form of art and expression.

Thank you for visiting our site, we will update with new work as Jonah provides it to us. Hopefully we can keep up with him :)

About the Art

This young boy’s art is created on an iPad using a stylist. The app is a vector based program so his art can be enlarged to any size with no degradation. This app provides some basic shapes, brushes and a straight edge. Jonah’s time while drawing is uninterrupted and uninfluenced by adults. Occasionally he will get stuck and ask for help getting out of a certain screen. But for the most part he is in his own little world of creation.