Windows 10 First Impression

July 31, 2015 8:55 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Like most techy people I’m always excited to try new software especially new operating systems. Sure enough July 29th you can bet I was among the many people to download Windows 10. With the install being about 20GB I expected it to take a while to download and and even longer to install. In reality it only took me about a half an hour to download and install.

Leary of the new software I chose to dual boot my system running Windows 7 primarily and just try out Windows 10. My license key does not work, however I think because I’m dual booting instead of upgrading. Maybe once I upgrade the key will work.

Let’s start with the boot up. I was pretty impressed with the speed of the boot up in comparison to Windows 7. It seems faster and ready to use sooner. I like the look of the start menu better than Windows 8 but I still like my windows 7 start menu the best, it’s not flooded with unnecessary stuff.

Cortana, the Windows Assistant… I haven’t used it yet because I’m in an office with other people and find it strange to talk to my computer. I don’t really see this as useful for the business professional unless you’re in a room all by yourself. Still, kind of strange to me. PS, I barely use Siri on my iPhone for the same reason.

All in all it’s way better than Windows 8, still not sure if I like it better than 7. I will have to install my Adobe Creative Cloud on it to see how that functions before I give it a true review. What happened to Windows 9? Anyone?

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